WorkPi | Building Skills for Future Jobs

Today’s article is dedicated to a new project called WorkPi. According to our opinion, WorkPi is a completely new gem in today’s market that might turn into something great. Especially due to its utility.

What Is WorkPi? 

Workpi is aspiring to be a decentralized marketplace of jobs both in crypto as regular fields. In addition, WorkPI aims to help companies to remove skill gaps by measuring the skills of people and their job performance. WorkPI will also create an open marketplace for assessments and skills development. In other words, WorkPI will offer a brilliant cocktail concerning every factor of digital recruitment.

Workpi’s Main features 

WorkPI will offer various features on their job platform. The following are the core features:

  • Assessment marketplace: A clear open marketplace where you can measure skills for a variety of jobs in different industries.
  • Development lounge: The best available development courses, perfect to hone skills that are needed for any future job.
  • Data Profiles: Every data profile is stored privately and securely.
  • Work intelligence lab: Advanced data analytics to identify the essential skills that are needed for a specific job. 
Crypto connected world


Because Workpi has a decentralized Infrastructure they can cut out commercial middlemen like Fivver to minimize the cost of labor and to eliminate the profit margin that then minimizes fees.

Private Sale 

The private sale for the $WRKX token has started a little while ago. If you are interested in investing in the $WRKX token you can go to the website of WorkPI : and check whether it’s still possible to participate in their private or public sales.

Utility Token / WorkX 

Work X is powered by a utility token and governed by a DAO ( Decentralised Autonomous Organisation ) Work X is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the development of the platform and also maintains the platform. It also makes sure that all information flow gets transported successfully.

Benefits and Opportunities 

Based on the idea’s novelty, we believe that this project brings endless opportunities. A new marketplace based on the blockchain will give a lot of people the opportunity of finding new sources of income. Adoption can be realized both by individuals as companies, which gives it some serious potential to snowball. Also, you can develop new skills that could help you with your future career. in case their token ($WRKX) will be linked to their development lounge, this project will already have more utility than the majority of crypto projects out there.

We will be keeping an eye on WorkPI to see how their project will develop overtime.