Why Crypto Investors Should Use a VPN

If a cryptocurrency enthusiast was called in now to get their opinion on the state of affairs in this branch of finance, they would first laugh and then later repent the turn it has taken. Indeed, cryptocurrencies have so far symbolised decentralisation — freedom that is unrestricted and a power that is equally distributed within a community.

However, as various dexes (decentralized exchanges) have become popular, they have lost some of the decentralisation that cryptocurrencies promise. Imagine filling out an entire form of KYC while registering yourself on an exchange! Where is the decentralisation and anonymity that was so fervently promised?

It is the hopeless centralisation of seemingly decentralised entities that necessitate the use of tools and services that actually help keep your identity truly secret.

VPNs help in creating a security blanket over your IP, ensuring that your location is never revealed to any hacker waiting to steal crypto. Additionally, using a VPN allows you to access geographically restricted exchanges and use their services. This can be beneficial for people living in areas where laws around crypto regulation are not well-defined.

Anonymity and universal access were the promises that bitcoin and blockchain experts made when the currency was initially introduced. However, as we have seen over the past couple years — decentralisation never existed. In fact, everything in this space was extremely less centralised. The only progress has been that it is gradually becoming more centralised. By utilising tools like VPN, you are only adding a layer of security to your funds.

Here are some crucial ways a VPN can protect you from losing your favourite cryptocurrencies.

Data Encryption

Because the data is encrypted, you are more likely to stay safe from any hacker attempting to steal any personal data from your computer. Stealing cryptocurrencies is a more recent problem while stealing private data is a very well-known issue.

By using a VPN, you are completely protected from both.

True Access to All Exchanges

As already highlighted above, using a VPN enables you to access even those exchanges that are not allowed to operate within your country. Think of this scenario as you using VPN to watch your favourite TV shows/movies from another part of the world.

This is probably one of the most crucial benefits that VPN gives its users. True accessibility of cryptocurrencies is an underlying principle of financial inclusion that guides bitcoin. The only reason why it was created was to ensure financial inclusion, something that traditional financial structures don’t offer.

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