In today’s list, we are going to take a look at the top 5 places / ways to spend your cryptocurrencies, so you can use your profits on some real life products. These companies give a little preview of what could potentially become normal in the future.


We start the list with streitwise a way to invest in real estate using Bitcoin / Ethereum (CryptoCurrencies). Streitwise escrow agent, Primewise facilitates the payment from you to the seller, there is an IOS app for accessing account statements / your funds.


The 4th place on the list goes to Microsoft. You can actually stock up your Microsoft account with cryptocurrencies. However, at the moment you can only use these funds in the Xbox online store and windows online store.

3. eGifter

On number 3 we got eGifter. A new way to buy all sorts of gift cards using cryptocurrencies. Most of the giftcards can be bought using Bitcoin, a good way to give your friends a gift using your cryptocurrencies.

2. Name Cheap

On number two we have Name Cheap. if you are interested in launching your own website or a new brand you can now buy these things using cryptocurrencies via Name Cheap.

1. Binance marketplace

On number 1 we have the Binance marketplace, a great way to spend your cryptocurrencies right from one of the biggest exchanges out there, you can use the Binance marketplace to book hotels and lots of other things.