So why is it important to know what Hardware (Cold) Wallets are the best? It is very important when you start buying more and more cryptocurrency to have a cold wallet to keep your funds secure from hackers / exchanges who you cant trust, or if you have a small amount of crypto and you are in it for the long term and dont know if your exchange will still be around then, these are all reasons to get yourself a cold wallet.

1. Ledger nano x

We start the list off with the Ledger nano x, this is the hardware wallet that i use personally and it has one of the best apps there is for you to acces your cryptocurrencies, also you can buy and sell cryptocurrency inside of the app without even using a decentralized exchange, it also has a bluetooth function. Price 109 pounds

2. Trezor model T

The second wallet on the list is the Trezor model t wich is a wallet that is well known for its security, the package even is sealed in a way so you can see if its been opened by somoene before, so nobody can reseal the package and steal your wallet code. Price 140 pounds

3. KeepKey

Keepkey is a wallet that is secure and has an amazing design and a nice big screen for easy use also it has a web based app where you can acces / manage your funds from overall a amazing cold wallet for starters. Price 70 pounds

4. COLDCARD wallet

Number 4 on the list is the COLDCARD hardware wallet, now all long time crypto users / holders will maybe start screaming at me because its so low on the list but the only reason i put it on number 4 is because its not a beginners friendly crypto wallet in my opinion, and the design may be lacking in comparison to the other wallets, the COLDCARD is one of the safest hardware wallets out there you can even choose to completly AIRGAP your hardware wallet and the COLDCARD is one of the only hardware wallets that can do that. Price 100 pounds

5. Safepal

And on number 5 we got safepal a quite new hardware wallet, the company was founded in January of 2018 its a safe and good looking wallet, but in my opinion it just isnt as good as the others, it has a nice self destruction feuture to it but thats really all that stands out about it. Price 40 pounds