Cryptocurrencies have become a very profitable and popular form of investment. Since the start of crypto many people have been collecting and holding crypto. Today we take a look at the biggest cryptocurrency wallets out there. Who is hodling the largest sums of crypto money?

5. Wallet 77604498

Weird to see numbers? Exactly what we thought when we were conducting research while making this list. The owner of this wallet is unknown / anonymous which, of course, is not a rare occurrence in the world of CryptoCurrency.
Amount of bitcoin owned: 94,505.

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4. Bitfinex Cold Wallet

Bitfinex is one of the most popular CryptoCurrency exchanges. As an exchange they own a large amount of bitcoin stored on cold wallets. Sadly enough we will never know if this amount has been mined or bought.

Amount of bitcoin: 178,011 BTC

3. The country of Bulgaria

A lot of people will be surprised to read that Bulgaria has one of the largest amounts of Bitcoin holdings. It actually has now surpassed their gold holdings making bitcoin the largest store of value the country has. Bulgaria claimed that the bitcoin has been achieved by doing over a 100 house raids to arrest a group of hackers.

Amount of bitcoin: 213,519, Achieved by seizing.

2. Binance Cold Wallet

The second-largest bitcoin wallet belongs to the CryptoCurrency exchange Binance. This can be expected since it is the biggest CryptoCurrency exchange out there. Their cold wallets account for: 288,126 bitcoins.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto

The man, the myth, Satoshi Nakamoto owns the world’s largest bitcoin wallet. Satoshi is known to be the creator of bitcoin and is surrounded by a lot of mystery, especially concerning his identity. To this day we still have no idea if there is a group behind bitcoin or is Satoshi Nakamoto acted as a lone wolf. The number of bitcoin Satoshi owns is still unknown but people claim that its around:

1 million bitcoin achieved by mining.