Keys to a successful Crypto campaign

The realization of a great and innovative crypto idea can be quite the struggle. However, the moment you actually have transformed your idea into reality, that’s when the real challenges pop up.

How do you turn your ideas and your innovative crypto project into a growing community of equal minded people and stakeholders who support your project and do the promotion for you?

This article helps you on your way to making your coin flourish and grow the attention it needs and deserves.


An effective ICO campaign can give your project the needed start. At Zwijberg we believe that the following tenets form the fundamentals of any successful ICO campaign:

  • A great ICO campaign stands or falls with its outreach initiatives through the crypto-and- ICO community and social media. Zwijberg makes use of an extensive (social) network to promote crypto related news in a way to ensure the right target group picks up on the news. In addition, Zwijberg has proven itself in the past promoting accurate predictions of legitimate projects.
  • The Strength of Media Channels like Reddit et al. plays a significant part in optimizing the ICO / STO / IEO marketing strategy. In combination with maintaining a strong presence in social media channels this could lead to an effective online coverage.
  • Creating Quality Content is an essential task that must appear on every ICO / STO / IEO marketing checklist. The competitive nature of ICOs, STOs, and IEOs requires more than just a white paper and general content formats — it’s all about compelling, readable content that can help generate enthusiasm within the community. Readers need to immediately understand what value token-holders may expect.
  • Ongoing research is needed to fully understand the target group. Constantly analysing your potential investors and your community will lead to new insight information on how to improve all the above mentioned steps to forge a continuously growing and adapting marketing strategy.


The importance of community building for ICO marketing cannot be emphasized enough. Every ICO project (and crypto projects in general) requires peer-support to be successful. While having a solid product and a great business plan is essential, the success of your ICO largely depends on the strong community your team builds around it.

The first step therefore prior to launching your ICO is to find a very strong community and build your currency around it. In the long term you are going to rely on your community to give you the competitive edge.

According to cryptomania’s blog regarding ICO projects, the number one reason why ICO projects fail is because after building their currency they simply expect people to automatically give support based on the blood, sweat and tears you and your team have put in. Unfortunately, the world does not work like that. Visibility is created by your stakeholders. At Zwijberg our team has a lot of experience regarding building a community for your ICO or crypto project. A vital step on the ladder of online visibility.

Crypto Market Testing

Performing A/B tests and collecting feedback from your peers is important in crafting and enhancing your communication and product to your investors’ needs. Putting your community’s considerations into place makes them feel appreciated which results in better performance in your (ICO) marketing campaign(s).

Most successful ICOs use the communities they build to identify structural and technological problems of their ICO. Their developers, on their turn, then work to improve these problems. Zwijberg constantly inquires its communities to find out what needs are still missing, this could lead to ideas that as an individual you never thought of.

Communication With Your Target Market

You will have to provide your community with all the information about your project and explain how the project works. Understanding how the projects works will enhance their confidence which ensures that you get a successful initial offering.

  • Create and share understandable / shareable roadmaps.
  • Engage in (Reddit) AMA’S,
  • Post daily relative information on Twitter
  • Create funny and relative memes

These are all factors that could potentially lead to an increase in investors. A happy stakeholder that understands your product will teach new potential stakeholders what your product is about. You should, therefore, ensure they understand your project well. Also, treat your community members as part of your team. That way, they will become loyal ambassadors.

Community Building On Social Media

Some important social media channels used by Zwijberg which could significantly enhance your project visibility and engagement.
Majority of the social media platforms do not require much capital to run and therefore the best channels to use if you have a small budget.

  • Telegram — A mobile messaging platform with similarities to WhatsApp. The critical difference between the two is that Telegram provides an additional layer of security by automatically deleting chats after a user-defined period. Some of the most popular cryptocurrency communities on Telegram include:
  1. Decenter
  2. Zwijberg Lounge
  3. News Bitcoin
  4. Forklog
  5. Cointelegraph
  • Reddit — There are quite a number of notable ‘subreddits’ dedicated to a large variety of cryptocurrencies and ICO marketing.
  • Quora — Getting involved with crypto-related topics on Quora is an excellent way of generating exposure for your project. You can find plenty of discussion about ICO promotion on this platform. For instance, you can post your own blog posts as long as they answer questions of the community.
  • Medium — A publishing platform widely used within the blockchain community.
  • Twitter — An incredible channel where you can inform your community about daily notifications regarding your project. On this channel you can also find plenty of influencers who can help you promote your coins. Zwijberg, for example, has a large network of Twitter influencers.
  • Bitcointalk — Despite the name, this is a discussion website dedicated to cryptocurrency in general, not just Bitcoin. This is a great platform to announce your project or any relevant update.
  • Steemit — One of the best blogging platforms for ICO marketing. You can even launch a content writing competition, offering an exciting prize for the best post. It’s a great way of generating interest in your project.
  • Facebook — Though it is not the most popular or most relevant channel for cryptocurrency, there are still a wealth of cryptocurrency communities who operate there.
  • LinkedIn — This is the ultimate social network for professionals allowing them to link with other like-minded specialists. For a crypto marketer, it makes perfect sense to create an ICO account on LinkedIn. That way, the marketer will simply distribute lots of chunks of crucial information to a number of crypto experts who’re interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, multichain, token generation, ICOs, SEC, digital assets, and the like.
  • ICO calendars — Often, users search about ICOs using different keywords such as “Top ICOs,” “ICO Calendar,” “ICO Token News,” “Top Ten ICOs,” and “Trending ICOs.” So you should make sure that your ICOs are listed on all the top websites listing different crypto projects. By doing so, an ICO marketer will be actually delivering the most relevant project details to different investors whenever needed.
  • There are many more specialized forums which could result in being hidden gems. Zwijberg has a nose for these types of forums. Every specialized forum has a pool of potential buyers and/or followers. Therefore, diversifying your online reach is the first step in creating potential snowball effects.


You probably have heard the phrase ‘Content is key’ before. At Zwijberg we live by that phrase. Besides the many marketing and promotional activities we also consult and create optimized, relevant pieces of content.

Keep your website SEO-friendly

Content can transform your website into a legitimate resource for authentic information about your crypto projects and other relevant crypto-related news. Potential investors will visit your website to read the latest news and to get informed about the latest updates regarding your project. Your target group would like to be informed about your next big and about the (financial) benefits of your project. In addition, you can turn your website into a relevant source of information for any type of crypto related news.

Content Style

Content in general could convert readers into investors. However, it is important to ensure that the unique selling points (USP’s) of your product are highlighted effectively to increase the conversion rate of your potential investors. Readers like to be informed with relevant information that proves you’re different from the competition. Interesting blogs, appealing infographics and readable road maps all contribute to the authenticity and success of your company and project.

How to Build Your Following Organically

The secret in building a loyal following in social media is by trying to be as responsive as possible. You can have a community manager to be responsible for all the customer requests, complaints and questions. This is essential in ensuring you grow a contented community with goals that align with those of your project. Zwijberg commits to maintaining a highly active communication with a large number of community groups.

It also facilitates public discussions in crypto related groups to enhance engagement with customers and other cryptocurrency community members. It is, however, important to ensure you stay vigilant about the scammers who target your prospective customers. Therefore it is recommended to allow a company like Zwijberg to build, maintain, and monitor a relevant following for your company.


Investors, today, don’t trust an investment commodity from reading it on a website. Nothing, in the world of (crypto) investments, is taken at face value. Which is why investors want a credible team behind every TGE; this team should deliver believable blockchain-based business ideas to the masses. In such cases, an ICO using influencer marketing can definitely raise its project’s practicality and feasibility to a whole new level. Zwijberg offers companies a full coverage of marketing (promotion) activities, including influencer marketing.

Nowadays, influencers are respected and celebrated for delivering expert opinions. And, these days, (ICO) influencers are being leveraged to improve a blockchain project’s reach. An influential marketing campaign could, for example, be used to kick in before the ICO’s launch or to give an extra visibility boost for an important update.

Providing The Best Representation

Generally, while looking for PR people, a blockchain-powered business will want to rely on someone who’ll completely understand its field — be it B2C, B2B, or an entirely different setup. In short, the PR team will have to make sure that it understands all fields of crypto related business products. Zwijberg can help you to determine how to put the message across the market. Apart from highlighting different value propositions, Zwijberg will do its best to position the ICO project uniquely and smartly.


As time passes, digital currencies will become further embedded, penetrating into mainstream financial transactions. With this trend, the importance of marketing and promotion becomes more and more vital. At Zwijberg we offer a wide range of marketing and advertising services to any crypto project/product. We have had the opportunity to work with a number of remarkable crypto companies who all were able to generate impressive results. If you are interested in any of Zwijberg’s services please do not hesitate to contact us!