Hacken – Cybersecurity Measures

Hacken foundation does a lot of things and Corporate Safety Measures is just one of them, they also have an app called HackenAI that helps users browse the Internet with peace of mind protecting them along the way. They also have their VPN called hVPN. They also have a sensitive data storage called hPass. They are a very versatile company that does a lot of things that have to do with CyberSecurity, In this article, we are going to explain what Corporate Safety Measures Hacken Foundation can offer their customers.


What is pentesting? Certified specialists imitate techniques used by Black hat hackers to check and estimate the security of the clients’ systems. Pentesting is always performed in a test environment posing no real risk to the clients’ systems. The types of pentesting Hacken foundation performs are quite a lot: Network – Android – Ios – Web – Internal and external. The price of pentesting ranges between $15k – $25k depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Audit Reports

A smart contract audit is an extensive examination/analysis of the code of a smart contract. A smart contract is used to interact with a Crypto / Blockchain. Smart contract audits are conducted to discover problems errors and security vulnerabilities to fix them later on. Hacken specializes in blockchain technology that is why it’s a smart choice to go for Hacken instead of other companies if you are looking to get your Smart contract audited. The price of a Smart Contract audit ranges from $8k – to $30k.

Bug Bounty Program

A Bug Bounty Program is a money reward given to ethical hackers for finding bugs or a vulnerability for the persons/corporations issuing the bounty. Hacken participates in Bug Bounty Programs if they get a subscription + The reward + The bug fee.

Supporting New Projects

Hacken foundation supports/invests in the Development, Marketing, PR, and scaling of CyberSecurity projects they also have their CryptoCurrency named Hacken token or $HAI. They have supported quite a few projects like Disbalancer – 1ART.

If you have any questions about the Information in this article you can always check the HackenFoundation website and if you want to get into contact with them you can contact them via there. Most of the information found in this article comes from their website / from their Twitter: @hackenclub on their Twitter you can also find weekly news digests about events that happened in the cybersecurity world.