GTA 6 Might include Crypto

Rumors are surrounding one of the most popular game series of all time. As the GTA series always have been playing into developments of nowadays society, it is not surprising that rumors are spreading regarding their newest game to include a working stock market, brokerages, and cryptocurrencies that will be earned in missions.

Based on the latest rumors, Grand Theft Auto VI will feature their own fictional in-game cryptocurrency. Of course, a rumor like this raises many questions. “What effect will this have on the crypto market?”, “Will this affect the bear market?”, “Will a fictional crypto token also be made real?” and many more. At least reputed leaker Tom Henderson reports on Twitter that cryptocurrency will play a role in the game.

According to rumors GTA 6 could release in 2023 at the earliest, which aligns well with the time it took to make Red Dead Redemption 2 post-Grand Theft Auto V. It is quite hard to imagine but it has been almost a decade since Rockstar launched their infamous last GTA game. Although Rockstar employees are getting spammed daily regarding new updates of GTA 6, there is still little known.

In-game Crypto Payments

As a means of payment, crypto fits in seamlessly with the underground activities in the game. Gangsters who give you missions will allegedly pay you in crypto. Based on the deep web, it would give them the possibility to transfer large amounts quickly and anonymously. The player possibly has a cellphone in his possession which he will be able to use to receive and send quick crypto transactions.

This actually would mean that the game will be set in the modern day time. This would directly go against past rumors that the game might be set in the same era as Miami Vice. Right now this looks unlikely as crypto wasn’t used back then.

Using crypto in gaming brings with it the incredible opportunity for potential new investors to get to know the utility of crypto. How Rockstar will implement this idea is still unknown. Will they make use of wallets, ledgers, exchanges, and other crypto-economic technologies? We will have to be patient to get an answer to these questions.

Gaming meets Crypto

It is already well known that Rockstar likes to pick on modern-day society. Brands, companies, and car appearances are copied and trolled. For example, in GTA 5 the character Michael used an IFruit mobile phone. An obvious parody of the brand Apple. When implying crypto to the newest game, the available crypto coin(s) will probably as well have parody names. Or will Rockstar potentially partner up with an existing crypto project? I am sure a lot of people would love to know that type of information beforehand.

Having game studios implement crypto-related features is great for crypto and the next logical step. Although we currently find ourselves in what looks like a bear market, crypto-related developments are sprouting like never before. With the launch of crypto in video games and Rockstar as its pioneer, we might see other video games and media developers follow the set example.