Whether we’re in a Bear or Bull market, there will always be the need for finding that next x100 crypto gem. In response to this need, we can see that there’s an ongoing daily stream of new altcoins entering the crypto market.

Some disappear after a week or so, while others are able to generate enough buzz for larger groups of people to want to invest their hard-earned money.  

Now, how do you find new tokens? Or maybe even a better question: How do you find successful new tokens?

You’ll find the answer in this article!

Crypto Voting Platforms

There are some great platforms out there that help us gather enough information to decide whether to invest in a crypto project or not. Some of these platforms you all may know already. Platforms like the big CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and even PooCoin. These are platforms that are perfect for gathering information on price data, volume, and trends.

However, often when new tokens appear on one of these websites, it’s already too late to invest, as the pump has already begun or has already passed.

Now how can we get in early enough to benefit from any possible big price fluctuations?

This is where Crypto Voting Platforms come into play. These are platforms that are easy to be entered as a crypto project and are often used to get that first bit of project hype.

The purpose of Voting Platforms is to get your project submitted and consequently get your community to vote on your project in order to claim a higher position and thus more exposure. This may then result in the well-known snowball effect, the wet dream of any crypto project.


Crypto Gems

How can investors profit from Voting Platforms?

It’s fairly simple and requires a bit of timing.

  1. Find out what crypto tokens you find interesting.
  2. Track their developments and vote scores
  3. Make sure the platform isn’t being controlled by Voting Bots
  4. Now, once you see a token is picking up on its votes and hype, it’s time to invest.
  5. Once invested, make sure to get out with a profit.

It sounds simple, but of course, it isn’t. Timing, Discipline, and Patience are key attributes that you need in order to end with a profit.

Bots and Cheaters

While our digital environment is constantly developing and growing, the desire for cheating, manipulating, and hacking grows as well. Crypto Voting Websites are often the victim of bot abuse. People create or buy bot services that are used for mass voting. This creates an unrealistic number of votes and manipulates people to invest in a project that isn’t as popular as they are made to believe. 

In response,  platforms are implementing multiple tools to fight against bot abuse, but often without much luck. Captchas are often used to stop bot abusers in their tracks. Unfortunately, bot creators have found ways to work around these Captchas. It is therefore important to thoroughly check the platform’s efforts to prevent bot abuse. This way you can pick a platform on which you are certain to find organic votes.

List of Crypto Voting Platforms

Here is a list of Crypto Voting Platforms that are relevant in 2022, and which we have thoroughly checked for you. Some of these are infested by bots, while others are more focused on selling advertisements.

Coinsniper                      HypeMyToken

Coinhunters                   Coinvote

FreshCoins                     Coinscope

Gemfinder                      Coinhunt

Coindiscovery               Coinmooner

Coinalpha                      Coinmoonhunt

Cointoplist                    Rugfreecoins

Moontok                       Coincatapult

Coinsgods                     Coinxhigh

Cryptach                       Coinbusters

Coinsgem                     Coinbazooka

Gemsradar                   Gemhunters

To make it easier for you, we also created a top 3 of this list of voting platforms which we believe are the most interesting sources for new crypto gems.

Crypto Voting Platform

Top 3 Crypto Voting Platforms

  1. CoinSniper

Coinsniper is one of the bigger platforms that we’ve researched. Having become a household name for upcoming crypto gems comes with some pros and cons. 


  • Their own KYC verification system allows Coinsniper to mark trustworthy tokens. 

  • Coinsniper has been focusing on adding extra value to their platform visitors by coming up with new services like 3rd party audits. 
  • They also arrange AMAs and offer a variety of 3rd party Audit services


  • We found that Voting Bots are mostly in charge of the vote distribution
  • There are a lot of ads in use on their website, this could be seen to have a negative effect on the user experience. 
CoinSniper Logo
  1.   Coinhunters

As another big name, Coinhunters has been around for some time now, gradually growing its platform. With an extensive list of tokens, they offer vote insights for a wide variety of tokens


  • Used by a lot of people, Coinhunters gives a good overview of what projects are out there. 
  • Coinhunters’ Honeypot checker tool allows users to check transactions to find out whether tokens are actually honeypots


  • Unfortunately, Coinhunters’ website has been covered primarily with ads and promoted lists.
  • It’s unknown whether Coinhunters is putting any effort into fighting off bots and platform abusers. 
CoinHunters Logo
  1. HypeMyToken

One of the newer platforms but most certainly a fast-growing key player compared to the other crypto voting platforms of the above-mentioned list. 


  • HypeMyToken is focussing on the transparency of their voting system, they mention actively fighting bots 
  • A different system based on “Hype” makes up for a different feel. Using level systems to give frequent users a vote advantage.
  • They have set their marketing focus on lots of giveaways. 


  • The platform is quite new, which means that there are still frequent updates going on. 
  • For now, the variety of tokens is still smaller than other token platforms.
HypeMyToken Logo


Choosing a Crypto Voting Platform doesn’t have to be very hard. Tracking a couple of platforms to find out new gems can be a great strategy to find hidden crypto gems. We noticed that most platforms are facing the same problems concerning bots and cheaters, while others are focussing more on advertisements and pop-ups. User experience and transparency are factors of paramount importance, especially when the goal is to make a new investment.

It is important to do your own research and to only invest with an amount of money that you can easily miss. Use the findings of this article only as a reference, and not as any financial advice.