Cybersecurity Market Research

According to our research on @coingecko These are the current marketcaps:

$HAI $ 47.041.461
$SHA $ 56.768.023
$UPP $ 61.505.429
$QSP $ 62.475.836
$CTK $ 96.667.474

Combined marketcap: $ 324.458.223

What do these projects have in common? They are all in #CyberSecurity

The combined #marketcap of these projects will not even make it into the top 100. While these blockchain cybersecurity companies have working products, solving real problems and will eventually help evolve #blockchain and crypto #adoption Cybersecurity plays a huge role.

Top teams are business sustainable right now. So why are people still sleeping on these projects? Our assumption is: people dont see the urge/value of these projects untill they became a victim of a hack/scamm themselves.

Do you see the value of a alarm system in your house? Do you think it’s worth the investment? Right now, probably not. After they have broken into your place and stole your stuff, probably yes.

Market is in the reshaping stage. The landscape in 3–5–10 years will be different. Digital transformation is happening all over the world right now.

#CyberSecurity will play a significant role in this transformation. Better safe than sorry!