Boca Chica platform on Solona

One of Ethereums biggset rivals Solona has chosen HAPI’s Boca Chica as an IDO platform. Which caused for an immidiate price spike of at least 35% of the HAPI token. HAPI will be utilised as the main asset to obtain access to the exclusive HAPI round held on the Boca Chica platform. The HAPI round adds a significant utility for the HAPI token.

Main takeaways of the HAPI round:

  • Anyone who holds HAPI can take part in the IDO
  • The HAPI round takes up 6% of the total pool
  • 3% of HAPI pool is burned and 3% flows into the Developmental Fund of HAPI
  • The HAPI round will be the first round conducted
  • Every Project on Boca Chica platform WILL have an HAPI round


Token utility

Now HAPI will not only be used to stop rugpulled tokens and stolen funds from being entering the market but also, to launch IDO projects on the Solona blockchain. We do not think for a second HAPI will limit only to only these two utilities. In the future we think we will see many more.

Token value appreciation

HAPI is one of the projects we invested in. We foresee a lot of token value appreciation in the future because of this announcement.